Weighted Irradiance Data Download
UVA Voltage
The UV-A (uncalibrated) data present the millivolt output signal of the UV-A sensor. This is a special use signal that indicates the relative change in the UV-A signal.

Graphs of the data are available for a time selection of two months or less. Also provided, is a feature to export the data to a file on your local computer in several different formats(excel, csv, xml). Keep in mind a year's worth of data is about 25 megabytes, and will take almost 2 minutes to generate.

Valid date range for location Alaska, Fairbanks, AK02 is from Sat Aug 26 00:00:00 GMT+00:00 2000 to Sat Nov 26 00:00:11 GMT+00:00 2022

Location and Time User Inputs
  • Climatological Sites
  • Alaska,Fairbanks
  • California,Davis
  • Colorado,Nunn,Pawnee
  • Florida,Homestead
  • Louisiana,Baton Rouge
  • Maryland,Beltsville
  • Saskatchewan,Regina
  • Texas,Panther Junction,Castolon site end 12-2014
  • Short Term Experimental Research Sites
  • Colorado,Nunn,CO06
  • Louisiana,Baton Rouge,SU-Ag

Time Duration