UV Irradiance

UV irradiance for the continental United States at four wavelengths (305, 310, 324 and 380nm). They combine the NASA TOMS-OMI level 2G irradiance noon time data with the UVMRP ground observations via data fusion technique. This product provides the statistics (mean, maximum, minimum and variance) of the irradiance within a user-defined rectangular region.

TOMS-OMI product citation: Hovila J., A. Arola, and J. Tamminen, 2009: OMI/Aura Surface UVB Irradiance and Erythemal Dose Daily L2 Global 0.25 deg Lat/Lon Grid, version 003, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, doi:10.5067/Aura/OMI/DATA2028.

Select the dates desired, then position the rectangle on the area that you would like the statistics then press Get Data

Extracting data